In 2015, Beverly Michaels edited for me and Yale University Press a bulky manuscript on the history of the Enlightenment in Russia. Beverly was meticulous, efficient, and sensible in handling editorial issues, and at every step she proved a joy to deal with. She’s far and away the best manuscript editor I’ve encountered.

Gary Hamburg
Otho M. Behr Professor of History, Claremont McKenna College


Beverly did a great job copyediting my lengthy manuscript. I accepted almost all of her suggestions. As I read her copyedits, I was greatly impressed by her work. She did a terrific job of eliminating repetition and tightening up the text, and she made the book read so much better. She was also very easy to work with.

Golfo Alexopoulos
Professor, Department of History
University of South Florida


Beverly Michaels is one of the best copyeditors I ever worked with—going into every detail and, at the same time, keeping the intended overall result in mind. She is devoted to Text and respectful to authors. A good team worker. She worked for two projects I headed at different times, a bilingual educational journal, Thinking Classroom/Peremena (Eng/Russian), and the Practical Dictionary of Siberia and the North (tr. from Russian).

Olga Varshaver, Translator
Moscow, Russia (via LinkedIn)


I also want to thank Beverly Michaels, the copy editor for Yale University Press, whose careful reading of the manuscript has made the book much better.

James Heinzen
Professor of history, Rowan University


At Yale University Press, I thank…Beverly Michaels, whose copy-editing has made this a better book.

Piotr H. Kosicki
Assistant Professor of History at the University of Maryland; national fellow for the academic year 2014-15 at the Hoover Institution


Beverly is a knowledgeable and meticulous editor who did excellent work for us at International Literacy Association. Our project required a skilled editor who could take charge of a new quarterly journal published in Russian. Beverly’s responsibilities included corresponding with outside editors and authors in both Russian and English, coordinating print and Web publication of the journal together with its English counterpart, and reviewing copy/text at every level to ensure quality and accuracy. In each of these tasks Beverly displayed exceptional editorial and project management skills and consummate professionalism. It was a pleasure to work with Beverly, and I recommend her without reservations.

David Roberts
Former Executive Editor, Web and Special Projects
International Reading Association (via LinkedIn)