Before we begin working together, you will need to know approximately how much the project will cost, and I will need to know approximately how long the project will take. The best way for me to answer both these questions is by editing a few sample pages of your manuscript.

There is no charge for the sample edit. You would provide me with a few representative pages of your work, and I would let you know what level of editing is required, about how long it would take, and the approximate total cost.

Charges for editorial work vary considerably according to the scope of the work and the complexity of the manuscript. The cost of editing a journal article usually ranges from $500 to $1000. The charge for editing an academic book would be about $5,000–$8,000.

Work will be billed by the hour unless other terms are specified in the project agreement. The total cost of the project will not exceed the estimate unless the work is authorized by the client.

The timeline for payment will be specified in the project agreement.
Payment can be made by Paypal, certified check, or bank transfer.